Welcome To ZYPR Cashmere House

ZYPR operates in the luxury cashmere goods collections providing authentic for women, men, and children, along with home furnishing accessories, and gifts.

ZYPR's finished garments are individually inspected to insure perfection. All this handwork and individual attention is what separates ZYPR's products different from other sources.

ZYPR collection is one of life's true pleasures. We bring you the highest quality with its beauty, allure, fineness, sensuality and signature style in the world. This is our guarantee of excellence.

The Best regards from ZYPR

ZYPR FW2022 Collection

What We Offer


Sweaters, cardigans, suits, from casual to stylish.


Pleasant comfort and up-to-date for the modern man.


Sensational wearing comfort for a relaxing night's sleep.


High-quality children's clothing for all occasions.

Collection Preview